Creating a dashboard from a sheet with multiple data types

Hey all, attached is a screenshot of a sheet I am trying to create a dashboard with. The issue I am having is creating a chart/view to show completion of a year review meeting by student. The 'Complete?' check box is what we are using to mark completion of the meeting.

When I try and make a dashboard from this sheet and organize it by student and completion, I am not allowed to add those two columns to a chart. I am curious if anyone has experience with something like this, I have a feeling it is because the checkbox is unable to be counted but I am not really sure how to proceed.

Any help is appreciate, thanks so much!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Kishan Naik RA

    You're correct - a Chart will require numerical data to create points on a graph and the checkbox column is unable to be read that way.

    What are you looking to chart, specifically? Do you want one bar per-student to either show 0 or 100?

    Or are you looking for a COUNT of all the students who have a completed checkbox versus all the students who dont?

    For this second scenario, the way I would bring this into a Dashboard would be to first create a Report from the sheet, selecting just the Student column and the Complete column in the Report. Then, GROUP by the Complete column, if it's checked or not. Finally, add a SUMMARY to COUNT the checked boxes versus the un-checked.

    You can then use a Grouped/Summarized Report as the source for your chart! (For example, a pie chart showing a percent of checked versus unchecked).

    Let me know if that was the data you were looking to map, or if I've misunderstood your end-goal.



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