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Meet @Andrée Starå of Work Bold. Chances are you've connected with Andree on the community platform or read one of his helpful comments. He is an active member of the community, and a Workflow Consultant passionate about helping businesses improve their process and efficiency.

Here's what Andree had to say about how he utilizes Smartsheet and his Power of Velocity.

How do you use Smartsheet at work? 

I develop solutions for my clients, but I also use Smartsheet internally at my company to manage projects, ideas, and similar.

Describe a time when you utilized your power and Smartsheet to succeed at work?

I have a hard time mentioning a specific time, but I use it all the time to help my clients succeed at work.

Is your power something you intuited or something you learned?

I think it's a combination. I've always been interested in improving things like it's intuited, but then I've also been a learner in what I'm interested in, like Process Improvement, Personal Productivity, and all the apps/services.

Has there ever been a time when you needed to flex your power to accomplish something? 

Yes, multiple times, and especially I remember one time when I was selling Copy-Printers and with a colleague developing a very successful solution for the real estate market so they could print their prospect folders on demand.

Fill in the blank: I feel most in my power when I _______.

Develop Solutions for clients.


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