Power of Leadership - Chris Mondeau

Alison Clancy
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We recently chatted with @Chris Mondeau of Optimum Consultancy Services. Chris is passionate about engaging end users and problem solving through digital transformation and workflow automation.

Here's what he had to say about how he utilizes his Power of Leadership and Smartsheet to amplify the work he does.

How do you use Smartsheet at work?

As a consultant and platinum partner, we use Smartsheet both to track and manage our projects, but as a majority it's spending time building prototypes and completing implementation with a variety of clients on a daily basis.

Describe a time when you utilized your power and Smartsheet to succeed at work?

Internally speaking, I've built out a portfolio/estimating management tool that is integrated with Power BI to help our team analyze and forecast future opportunities.

Is your power something you intuited or something you learned?

A lot of it has been self taught, but leveraged from experts in the Community and from other industry leads. Watching YouTube content and communicating on forums has helped arm me with tools to quickly and effectively complete work.

Has there ever been a time when you needed to flex your power to accomplish something?

A specific example was for a large implementation across several users, and varied skillsets. I had to coordinate the subject matter experts into development sessions, and coordinate/track the progression of work within each sprint. After these segmented developments, I had to combine the individual products into the larger final solution. Once the build was completed, I coordinated training and implementation of the tool, as well as offered a detailed roadmap for future development and progression.

Fill in the blank: I feel most in my power when I _______.

Am able to identify a problem, layout some framework solutions, and distribute the idea to my team to help develop, test, and implement a completed solution. Being able to communicate and sympathize with the end users of the tools is one of my most favorite things.

What does your power mean to you?

Power to me is a resource to be shared and leveraged to make the rest of the team successful. It's not something that can be utilized exclusively by one person.