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Alison Clancy
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Hi everyone, I'm Alison, your Community Engagement Manager and also the Smartsheet Overachievers Program Manager. My power is the Power of Communication.

What does your power means to you and how do you utilize Smartsheet and your power at work?

I say this quote all the time because it's true: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Bringing people together, whether it's on the Community platform or for the Smartsheet Overachievers, is something I take very seriously because I've seen how powerful it can be. The Avengers were a team for a reason! Each hero is amazing on their own, but together? Something else entirely.

I use the Power of Communication through Smartsheet through constant collaboration, utilizing Comments, Proofs, and Dashboards to communicate out project outlines big and small. And if anything changes, it's all located in one source of truth in Smartsheet and Brandfolder. Makes being in the weeds so much easier.



  • Eric Milberger

    I am finding it hard to text thru a project. emails give me so much: (Note that I work on a large monitor. 14"h x 24"tall

    A readable text as I type - the smartsheet text is tiny. I and increase the magnification but then the smartsheet is too big with less data. The smartsheet is just right as it is.

    Texting leaves out conversation through pictures or bold text, etc.

    also I cannot Just slap files that are not needed within the smartsheet but are needed in the text.

    So two things. The workability of too small text. I wish it was a pop out when I hit @

    An then the flat communication of the text vs email.