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Maxwell Griffith
Maxwell Griffith Employee Admin
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Hi Smartsheet Community, I'm Maxwell, your Community Technical Manager and also Sr. Web Producer for all of Smartsheet's web properties. My power is the Power of Leadership.

I spend a great deal of time figuring out effective and tangible solutions to enhance our Community platform for existing and new members. With that, I must be dependable, methodical, and steadfast in order to achieve deadlines I've set for myself and our Community Team.

My power is something that I learned over time. I found the best way to become a leader is learning from the leaders around me.

I utilized my power recently when launching our newly released Community theme (isn't it so snazzy?), and I had to ensure my skills and communication were at the highest importance to ensure everyone I worked with trusted I could get the work done and in the time frame we agreed upon. I made sure each step to get to launch day was attainable by using Smartsheet to organize my tasks, share proofs, and set reminders in order to move from one objective to the next successfully.

I feel most in my power when I have a clear and concise understanding of what can get done with the resources at hand.

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