Generate Random Lists


Is there a function/formula that can take a list of names and randomly assign them to groups?


If I have 20 individuals that I want to assigned to groups of 4:

Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D

Column 1 has list the names of the 20 individuals

Column 2 is the output field for where the formula would go to assign the random groups

Is there a formula that will help me do this? I know it can be done in Excel but I don't want to go back and forth between Excel and Smartsheet, plus, still not sure how to pull it off in Excel even if I wanted to.

If there is a way in Smartsheet, then the full scope of what I'm trying to do has more to it. I'm working with about 400+ individuals. Each individual has 3 preferences for what group they want to be assigned to. The groups number anywhere from 20-30 areas. I need to make sure that (1) they get to at least have 1-2 of their preferences honored and then (2) ensure that they don't get assigned to the same group twice.

This is far too advanced for me to figure out and was wondering if there was some type of way to do this in Smartsheet without manually assigning students to these groups.

I will have these 400+ individuals with possibly an addition of 400 more added to the list.

Desperate for any ideas or instruction on how to go about doing this. So grateful for any help received! 😔



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