Update Formula to Include When New Columns Are Added


I have a sheet that tracks the number of hours by the team on each project. When a new project is created an additional column needs to be created (if anyone knows of a way to have it automatically added when a new project is created from a template that would be amazing) and named with the new project name. Then the Team column needs to have the formula updated to ensure that it's reviewing the new column for information. Is there a way to have the new row automatically entered in the formula? The formula I have is to show the team name if there is anything in row under the project name. =IF(OR(Apollo@row <> "", Onboarding@row <> "", [Test June]@row <> "", Test@row <> "", Template@row <> ""), Teams@row, "") is the formula I use now but wasn't sure if there was one that I could create to just review if anything is in any of the columns to the right of the formula.

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