Find out how McLaren Racing speeds up marketing operations 🏁

Alison Clancy
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edited 07/25/22 in General Announcements

Community, where are our Formula 1 fans at? When it comes to this sport, every millisecond counts. To bring a richer race experience to its partners and fans, McLaren Racing teamed up with Smartsheet to streamline event management and marketing activities—all in record time.

Read their customer story to find out how they:

- Sped up with automation

- Captured the race day high with Brandfolder

- How they're fast tracking into the future

"Moving over to Smartsheet, we could see the impact immediately. Whether you're in the communications department or working in the events team, everyone has one central document, bringing high visibility across the team increasing efficiency in our processes."

- Jessica Tomkins, Technical Analyst at McLaren Racing

After reading, start your engines and head to the Brandfolder Topic and tell us what inspires you most about Formula 1.