index and match not working right!

hello everyone,

for the life of me i cant get the index and match to give me the data i want to see and i know i have missed something simple.

my main sheet is "Master NSW Schedule" (MNS) i have a secondary sheet meant for other users "DETAILING SCHEDULE V2.0"(DSV2.0) this is to hide certain information from them but the issue is i need certain cells filled in by those users and sent back to the main sheet. I've tried linking cells but cant get my head around it so I've gone back to formula's. I tried VLOOKUP also and tried to adapt it from excel which gave me an unparseable error.

above are the 2 sheets with test data i have run 2 references both from the DSV2.0 one for the primary column "prostix no."(ps#) and "detail checked by"(DCB). where the formula is I need it to say "john" as it is in in DSV2.0

I'm hoping not to look stupid but I'm feeling that way right now. I would appreciate any and all help on this as its been a royal pain for the past 5 hrs.

Many Thanks



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