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Managing Tabs in Smartsheet



I have 2 queries regarding the tabs in Smartsheet

1. Pin tabs - Is there a way to "pin" tabs within Smartsheet in a similar way that you can pin tabs in a Chrome browser so that those tabs that you pin are always displayed and don't get moved to the "..." list? I have a core set of sheets/reports that I would always like to have at my fingertips and preferably in the same place any time I log in to Smartsheet.

2. Reduce size of tabs - Is there a way to set the width of the tabs in Smartsheet so that you can potentially fit more tabs before having to refer to the "..." list? If you have a couple of sheets with longish names then suddenly you can only display a few tabs at a time. I know I could make shorter names, but sometimes it's useful for the names to be reasonably descriptive - especially if they are accessed by a broader audience.

If either of these 2 features are not available, then could they be considered for addition to the "future features" list? 



  • Peter Kirkham

    I've noticed that the tabs you open first tend to stay open, and it's only once Smartsheet runs out of room that it starts swapping sheets in the "..." list using the last tab.

    So workaround hack for your problem is simply to make sure you open the tabs you want to pin first, and then any others. This is what I've been doing, and I've not run into any issues yet.

  • aLgae

    I have similar requests as keith singleton.

    I use SmartSheet for different groups of stakeholders.  When I enter a meeting with Stakeholder A, I would like to open a group of sheets relevant to them only.  And then when I'm with Stakeholder B, I would like to "mass-close" all group A docs, and "mass-open" group B docs; so on and so forth.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    To get around this, I use two, sometimes three browsers and often have several Smartsheet  apps (browser tabs) open in one or more of the browsers.

    Once the tabs are chosen for a particular instance, the Sheets/Reports open are remembered and I can switch back and forth between them as I need to.

    Be aware that if a browser tab is closed, Smartsheet will remember this 'configuration' as the one to use next time it is opened. If the computer or browser goes down unexpectedly, last closed will win.

    Don't go overboard, Chrome and Firefox both eat up resources for any open tab, regardless of activity.




  • KrisWalsh
    KrisWalsh ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have suggested the "Pin Tab" feature as well and hope to see it soon. (:

    Until then, to organize and manage multiple tabs, I do all of the above plus:

    1. To set a clean slate in a window, I right mouse click and:
      1. 'Close All Tabs' (available on all inactive tabs) 
      2. OR 'Close Other Tabs' (available on active tab)
    2. To visually organize what I'm working on I separate Smartsheet from Chrome
      1. Chrome Options\More Tools\Add to desktop...
      2. Once I open the Smartsheet App, I pin it to my taskbar.
      3. 2x benefits: 
        1. Organization
        2. More viewing area in the same size window

    Close Tabs.png

    Separate Smartsheet from Chrome.png

    Smartsheet App vs Browser Comparison.png

  • Thank you KrisWalsh - I was looking for the Close Other Tabs and completely missed it. That will help a lot for when I am presenting something and don't want my 50 sheets to show...lol

    As for working with several verticals as I do, I usually create a Workspace and have all of the relevant Sheets/Reports/Sights contained in that Workspace. This enables me to choose relevant items to open depending on who I am working with at the time, without having to search through my many sheets or create a hierarchy of folders.

    I also use the Favorites star to mark any sheets that I go to on a regular basis.

    Both of these options (Favorites and Workspace) are listed on your Home Tab for quick access.


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