Export multiple Smartsheet Reports to One Excel Workbook

Title says all.

I'm trying to clean up stale data out of Smartsheets and store offline as the data is no longer relevant for stakeholders, however I want to keep a record of said data, just not in Smartsheets.

This is because I need to clean up Reference Sheet connections before my two master sheets have too many connections.

Right now, I have to manually do each report, one by one, to an excel doc export. Once all have been exported, I have to open and then copy from one workbook to another.

I'd like to be select all the valid reports, then export to one Excel workbook, and then rearrange the workbooks as necessary after export.

Any workarounds or features I am overlooking?

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  • Amit Wadhwani
    Amit Wadhwani ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @dhall

    Are those reports organized in folders? You can try exporting the folder (or the entire workspace), though this comes with a 10,000 row limit across single export. You can also try requesting backup of your workspace and work through the different files using some Excel Macro.

    Let me know if that helps or if you need any additional help fixing this.



    Best Regards

    Amit Wadhwani, Smartsheet Community Champion

    Smartsheet CoE, Ignatiuz Software, Exton, PA


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  • dhall
    dhall ✭✭✭
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    Okay, so it worked exactly how I needed it to!

    I just created a subfolder and moved the necessary reports and sheets into the folder. Once I confirmed all the required reports and sheets were in the new subfolder, I checked the box next to it and then chose "Export to Excel" as an action.

    It created a .xlsx file with the name of the subfolder I created for this.

    Only thing I needed to do was delete any comment pages that weren't needed and move the sheets around to the correct order. Took me 3 minutes instead of 15! Marking best answer, thanks again @Amit Wadhwani