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Hey all, I'm having a moment. lol

I have a functional index/match formula that confirms matches in List A and List B, in different worksheets:

=INDEX({List_A}, MATCH(List_B@row, {List_A}, 0))

What if I want to run logic such as:

If in {List_A}@row but not in List_B:List_B, "say something" ?

Do I need to have a copy of List_A in sheet B?



  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    In your first formula, on Sheet B, you're pulling in values from Sheet A List_A column that have the same value as those in List_B. That's fine, no problem.

    But now you want to find the values that are in Sheet A List_A that are NOT in Sheet B List_B? Where do you want to display these - on Sheet A or Sheet B?

    Or are you just trying to determine IF there are values in List_A that are NOT in List_B, and if there are, display a message? If this is what you want, you could use a formula based on the following:

    =IF(COUNT({List_A}> COUNT(List_B:List_B), "Items in List A not found in List B", "Counts Match")


    Jeff Reisman

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