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Good afternoon community; here is my formula question. I have a column using a dropdown menu (multiple selections) I want the column to count anything that says NEW and REMOVE. I cant seem to get the {}() "" , in the correct place

=CountIF([Device Status]11:[Device Status]311, "New" [Device Status]11:[Device Status]311, "Remove")


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  • Paul McGuinness
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    Hello @Kimberly Poletes

    Couple of options here that will deliver different outcomes based on this example:

    This formula returns 2 as it counts cells where either NEW or REMOVE appear but not where they are both in a cell together.

    =SUM(COUNTIF([Device status]:[Device status], @cell = "NEW"), COUNTIF([Device status]:[Device status], @cell = "Remove"))

    This formula returns 3 as it counts cells where NEW or REMOVE appear whether individually or together

    =COUNTIFS([Device status]:[Device status], OR(CONTAINS("NEW", @cell), CONTAINS("Remove", @cell)))

    If you only want cells that contain both NEW and REMOVE then swap the OR for AND

    =COUNTIFS([Device status]:[Device status], AND(CONTAINS("NEW", @cell), CONTAINS("Remove", @cell)))

    Hope this helps

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