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Hi there - I set-up a Data Shuttle to run on attachment. Do you know if this is at the sheet level or row level? Or is it just any attachment it will run?

I'm pulling data from a database with an offload, and it places it as an attachment in the Tracker, then an upload Data Shuttle inputs that data into that same Tracker. I'm not sure if I need a helper sheet so they can attach files at a row level. (I dont want row level attachments to interfere with the upload Data Shuttle)



  • saurabhmaheshwari

    Hi @Leslie Murray

    Data shuttle workflow will trigger on attachment at sheet level (not row specific). You can define specific attachment name in the data shuttle workflow so it knows when to trigger the job when an attachment with specific name is uploaded in the source sheet. Its better to use a helper sheet where you drop the attachment and let dtashuttle workflow upload data in another landing sheet.

    I have setup multiple data shuttle workflows (30+) in my enterprise to support our business processes. As a best practice its always good to have a helper sheet where you drop all your attachments with some naming convention and let your data shuttle workflows pickup data from these attachments and load them to target sheets. In the helper sheet it would be good to define some metadata around these attachments e.g. file name, source, some details, target sheet etc. This will help in long run to support the process and you don't always need smarsheet administrators intervention. Once sheet is setup, it can be used by anyone without even having admin access or access to data shuttle workflows.


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  • Leslie Murray
    Leslie Murray ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks, Saurabh! Do you know when you do the sheet name & attachment, does it take the latest version of that file? I have the DataShuttle dropping in a new file every day.

    Great call on the helper sheet.


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