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I'm developing an inventory smartsheet that keeps clothing inventory in one sheet and then a form that allows an employee to request clothing for team members. I am working if I can create a formula to deduct the quantity of each clothing apparel once it is requested. There is no approval process needed.

Smartsheet 1: Kit Inventory

Smartsheet 2: Kit Requests





  • Naeem Ejaz
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  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Jason Mobley

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    Have you checked the templates available in the Solution Center? They can be excellent starting points.

    I hope that helps!

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  • Andree,

    Thank you and yes I started with a template from the start.



  • Scott Peters
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    Hello Jason - I think this would be fairly easy, to have a column in your inventory sheet that subtracts the count of requests for that clothing item from the available inventory, but you will need to think through how you want it to behave when you replenish the inventory. For example you may want to include dates and use a COUNTIFS formula. Have a date in the inventory sheet indicating when you last replenished that stock, and then only count requests where the date of the request is greater than the last inventory replenishment date.

    Hoping this helps,


  • Scott,

    Thank you for your answer above. So in our situation we will have an initial inventory for a campaign (4 years). Then we give our team apparel. Each time we give the apparel out we want it to use a form to basically account for who requested the apparel and what item by size and quatity they requested. This form should write to a sheet and then we want the formula on the main inventory sheet to deduct each request so that the inventory is updated. There will be no replinishing of stock along the way. When we have a new campaign, my plan was to create a new workspace and duplicate the sheets and rename it to the new campaign and then adjust the starting inventory accordingly. Does this make sense?

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