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Does anyone know if you can scan a barcode and it automatically take you either to the "Edit Row" view in the to where it is in a vertical format and only showing that row or some kind of update form looking view? It's not ideal to scan the barcode and it take you to a row on a sheet that has tons of other rows and you have to try and scroll to the right and left to find the column you need to update. While scrolling they could accidentally click on a different row and update the wrong one. This may not be possible, but definitely would be helpful. I can submit an enhancement request if it's not possible. :)

Also, not sure if anyone has experience setting up an inventory management process using barcodes in Smartsheet, but would love to hear how you did it. I have played with creating barcodes and scanning them to where they pull up a row in Smartsheet. All that is working. I am now trying to think of the best way to set it up.

Ideally you would be able to scan a barcode and it pull up all the essential information associated with that barcode on what the item is and the current inventory. Then you would put a quantity of the item that you either added to inventory or removed. Each submission would be a separate line. Then you would have a master list of items that used a formula to determine the current inventory. I don't think any of this would be an issue except for the fact that I am wanting to combine functions which I don't think is possible. Meaning I am not wanting to constantly update just one line when I scan the barcode.

I think I am going to set up a pro desk appointment for this particular tool. 😁


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    Amit Wadhwani ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @alexis.ray89371

    I have implemented over 7 different types of inventory management systems. The approach that you mentioned is 100% accurate and you can use INDEX/MATCH formula to combine data across the sheets. I will be glad to show you an architecture of how it works at our end.

    Coming back to your first point, I am curious to know if each cell has a unique bar code? How would the app know which column you are trying to edit? If you can share more details on this, I can propose a workaround.


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    I would love to see how you have done things. That is a very generous offer. How may I get in contact with you?

    In regards to my first point, yes, each line would have a barcode associated with it. The issue is the current process in Smartsheet is when you scan a barcode it takes you to that line in a sheet. When it does that you can see all the other lines in the sheet and you have to very carefully scroll to the right (in app on phone) to see all the columns in order to edit what you need to. This leaves a lot of room for error.

    Once it takes you to the row in Smartsheet you are able to highlight the row and select "Edit Row" which takes you to a better format. It puts it in a vertical format kind of like a form. It would be great if when you scan the barcode it automatically takes you to a vertical "form like" format instead of the row in a sheet. So, I'm just trying to see if anyone has found a solution or alternative?

    Technicians would be doing this on their phone in the field so making it as simple and user friendly as possible is key. 😁