VLookup Issues

Problem: While I am able to input the VLOOKUP formula correctly, I having an issue with it returning correct data.

I am using a form to track attendance. The same form inputs dates from different lab types but creates a row with each entry. Each different lab date creates a new row as designed. I am trying to move the data from the form entry sheet to a master tracker for each employee via the VLOOKUP formula. Here is the VLookup formula (Each Column has its own formula) in the master tracker

=VLOOKUP([Employee ID Number]@row, {Master List - Lab/Specialty Class Tracker Range 1}, 17, false) - This is correct when the ALL data is only in one row. When I have multiple rows for the same employee the formula will not return any data but a blank (not #NO MATCH).

Any thoughts as to how to return data from multiple rows for the same employee into one master tracker sheet?

Form Entry Data screen shot -

Master Tracker screen shot -

Thanks for your help.



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