Filter on row status that IS NOT a summary field


This may seem pretty novice... but I am having trouble adding a summary sheet filter that IS NOT a summary item...

For Instance, if my sheet is

Column 1: Assigned To (ex: Joe, Jennifer, James)

Column 2: Functional Area (ex: Benefits, Staffing, Recruiting)

Column 3: Status (ex: Passed, In Progress, Failed)

I built a sheet summary report on Functional area. So this could look like: Benefits: 15, Staffing: 22, Time Tracking: 16; which I put in a dashboard Pie Chart. GREAT!

If I want to add a filter to the sheet summary report to show Functional Area Count where Status IS NOT EQUAL to Passed, how do I do that? The only filters options are other summary items.

I tried to summarize the Status column but when I put in the filter "where summary status is not equal to Passed", I get blank results


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