How can I add the first column as series labels if they are greyed out...?

I have created a dashboard widget - a column chart displaying data per year falling into certain categories. I have one sinlge grid containing the data, where the first column contains the years, then the data is coming in the next ones, and there is a column for summing up the data from each category.

If I plot the grid on a column chart, all categories are visible, and the year is displayed correctly as a series label. However, if I chose only the TOTAL columnt to be displayed, the year numbers are gone, and the option for selecting the first column as series labels disappears.

I just re-created my table with dummy data, and the result is the same. I guess, this is a bug in your system, right? It is not possible to use the first column as series labels as soon as not all columns are selected. If I go back, and chose 'all columns' again, the option for using the first column as series labels comes back.

could you please look into this? It is quite annoying,

Is there anything I have missed here concerning creating charts?