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We have a timecard system that generates a report for us, however it lists "Time in" and "Time out" in the format: mm/dd/yy HH:MM (military time).

For example:

I need to separate these into their own columns, Date and Time. Any idea how I can do that?


  • Jeff Reisman
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    I would use FIND to determine the position of the second slash, and use that position with LEFT to get the date portion.

    =LEFT(DateTimeColumnname@row, (FIND("/", DateTimeColumnname@row, 4) + 4))

    This says to find the position of the slash starting with the 4th position from the left and going right, add 4 to that, and give me everything to the LEFT of that position.

    Then if you use =RIGHT(DateTimeColumnname@row, 5) you should get the time portion.


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