Multiple values in same cell return multiple text values from another sheet


I have a column that will contain multiple text input values. I would like the next column over to reference another sheet, find those values, and return the text value from another column on that reference sheet.


Sheet 1, Column "ID Numbers" has the numbers A-123, B-234, and C-345 in the same row.

Sheet 2, Column "ID Number" has values A-123, B-234, and C-345 in different rows. In these same rows, Column "Name" has values "Item A", "Item B", and "Item C" respectively.

I would like Sheet 1, Column "Names" to search Sheet 2, Column "ID Number" for any number that appears in Sheet 1, Column "ID Numbers", and return the corresponding Sheet 2, Column "Name" for each number, all into the same cell/row in Sheet 1, Column "Names".

Is there a formula I can put in Sheet 1, Column "Names" that will do this?


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