Join/Collect , Index/Collect Multi-Select Column with Contact List return value

I am trying to update contacts on my main sheet based on values in a multi select column.

Main Sheet

Based on The selections in the Product Groups Affected I want to update the contacts in the Contact List Column based on my contacts in sheet 2

=JOIN(DISTINCT(COLLECT({QAlertAreas.Contacts Range 1}, {QAlertAreas.Contacts Range 2}, HAS([Product Groups Affected]@row, @cell)), ",")) gives me an #INVALID DATA TYPE ERROR

=INDEX(COLLECT({QAlertAreas.Contacts Range 1}, {QAlertAreas.Contacts Range 2}, CONTAINS([Product Groups Affected]@row, @cell)), 1) gives me an #INVALID VALUE ERROR

Both of my contact columns are set up as Contact Columns and to allow multiple contacts per list. Appreciate any help!


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