Creating a status using project stage


My data is a list of jobs all having 8 applicant stages. These 8 stages will ultimately represent 6 statuses. I am looking for a formula that will let me assign a status to each job based on the 8 applicant stages. Because jobs can have new applicants and an applicant in the offer step, I need it to work from the furthest value to newest value. I put together the formula below, it has worked in a previous instance where the data it used were words, example IF(OR([ON-Live]@row = "New")... Im not sure if the issue is that now I'm counting numerical values instead of words and using >vs =. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

=IF(OR([ON-Live]@row >0, [BG-Live]@row >0), "Prehire Checks", IF(OR([OF-Live]@row >0), "Offer", IF(OR([H3-Live]@row >0, [H2-Live]@row>0), "Interviews", IF(OR([HM-Live]@row>0) "Submission to HM", IF(OR([PS-Live]@row>0) "Recruiter Screening", IF(OR([RS-Live]>0), "New"))))))



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