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Hello everybody!

I need help with a formula that I am not sure how to enter for what I am looking for. I am building a dashboard on certain metrics that align with a key result. For this we have several results, two of them being Establish Success and Success.

I need to know the number of projects that align with Establish Success, that one is easy I have been using the below formula:

=COUNTIF(OKR:OKR, CONTAINS("Establish Success", @cell))

That works, however for the Success one, if I use the one above it will give me a result that includes Establish Success and that won't give me accurate data, so I have been using the one below:

=COUNTIF(OKR:OKR, HAS("Success", @cell))

But I just realized that for projects that meet both key results, I am not getting the data, screenshot below:

The above should show 1 as there is one that says Success, even if the project key result also has Establish Success, I am hoping this makes sense.

I have tried FIND but that doesn't seem to work. I could move the mapping over to columns with the name of key results and use a check mark for tracking, but I am thinking there must be a formula that won't require me to change all the settings of the trackers.

Appreciate any help you can provide.



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