Copy row to another sheet by COUNT until COUNT = 0, or other Parse option

Hi folks,

I've got rows that collect courses for students into the COURSES REQUIRED column separated by commas.

I've already setup a formula to count the number of courses found there

What I'd like to achieve is that for each student/row containing multiple classes in their required list ... parse that students row such that if there are 5 courses required the row is copied 5 times to another sheet well call Registration Sheet, copy once for each course taking with it 1 course from that list each time using the comma delimiter to help

Below it would go from this, Jane Doe has multiple courses bundled in COURSES REQUIRED

to individual rows like this

Course Req | Employee


EP0061-125 | Doe, Jane

INW206-22:25 | Doe, Jane

MC0037-22:25 | Doe, Jane

MC0047-22:25 | Doe, Jane

MC0056-22:25 | Doe, Jane

I've tried using automation and and increment helper as you can see but my solution triggered an infinite loop warning even though I had it set to trigger only until the Count Cycle reached zero... so it was not infinite but SS didnt know that of course.



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