Filter by Parent Row with Children and Grandchildren


Hello! I recently created a sheet to track all of our projects (parent row) with some high level milestones (child row). I created a helper column so that I could filter just by the parent row of each project. In the helper column, I used this formula: =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Feature Request]@row)) <> 0, [Feature Request]@row, PARENT([Feature Request]@row)).

This worked for a while, but leadership has recently asked to add an additional indent or two, so now I have grandchildren rows. Is there a way that I can keep just the top parent row name in my helper column? I'm not sure what to edit in my formula to make it work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Example: I'd like everything in the column named "Project" to just say Project 1 or Project 2 in the screen shot below.


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