Is there a formula that can pull data based on row # & column name?

For example, I know that on row 732 (specifically that row) in the Primary column I will need information to appear in another cell. Linking things manually is not an option given the volume of rows, so I need a formula.

Any way this can be done?

Also, the information in row 732 can be moved. So in the future the data today in row 732 may be in row 563.

I'm not entirely optimistic about this because I am aware that there is no function in Smartsheet that can ID row numbers. But I thought I'd give this a try and ask.

Thanks in advance.



  • Sameer Karkhanis
    Sameer Karkhanis ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/24/22

    You can use formula =[Primary Column Name]732. This behaves like linking a cell. Even if you insert rows in your sheet or move this row, the formula will auto adjust the row number (Its like magic!).

  • Berto D
    Berto D ✭✭

    This is VERY promising. Thank you for the quick reply.

    Have another need that I didn't mention previously - I have the number "732" all by itself in a cell (it's a predecessor).

    I need a formula that will combine the Primary Column with the number 732 to create the formula you offer above: =[Primary Column Name]732.

    Is the Join function an option to combine those elements into a functional formula?

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