Nested If statement

I am trying to populate a cell based on the State that they had choice from a dropdown column on the same sheet/row. I am tried many variations of the below formula and it is not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions.



  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    A couple things could be the problem.

    #1: Your apostrophes (") in the formula in your post are slanted for the quotes around the state names. SmartSheet cannot read those. So if you're copy-pasting from a program that is creating those slanted apostrophes, that's part of the problem.

    #2: Your second IF has a space after it before the parenthesis. That could be causing problems.

    #3: If your drop down column for the states is a multi-select drop down, then you'll have to switch to using a CONTAINS for the formula to be able to read the multiselect drop down choices.

  • Thanks

    I did try the CONTAINS formula and it worked with the exception of Arkansas/Kansas, etc.

    I switched it to a HAS formula and it worked perfectly.


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