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  • Is your power something you intuited or something you learned? I think I've always naturally been a person who likes to find a better way of doing things. There is always a better way!😉 I am constantly processing improving things, it's in my DNA! Even as a customer, I gladly provide feedback to provide suggestions of improvement. I figure if I am going to continue to be a customer I need to help with improvements as it clearly would benefit me! 😂 Though I am new to smartsheets and learning its capabilities, I am really excited! It's like someone read my brain 10-15 years ago! 🤩 From what I have learned thus far of smartsheets, it seems like a great project management tool tracker and communication platform for a project and seems efficient and effective. I think teams that give this a true effort in utilizing it, would definitely benefit from the features it offers to streamlining their projects, communicating with their team and organizing their day!!✔️🕛️ 📢 #befancyusesmartsheets

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