Issue with frozen columns on main sheet not remaining frozen when viewed on iPad (IOS)


Hi all - I have one shared user of my smartsheet who has reported that on his iPad, the five frozen columns on our main sheet do not remain frozen when he scrolls across on his iPad. I also have an iPad and have not observed this issue on it (iPad Pro 11", IOS 15.6.1, running Safari or Firefox). I don't know what version of iPad, OS, or which browser app the user is currently running on (he's out of pocket for the week), but have any of you run across this and if so, do you have any guidance on most likely cause and fix(es)? Many thanks in advance for the help for a Smartsheet N00b!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    When it works for you on your iPad, are you using the SmartSheet app or have you logged into SmartSheet from Safari? If you're using Safari and logged into the website, I betcha he's using the SmartSheet app. I've noticed the SmartSheet mobile app doesn't like to display a lot of things like frozen columns.

  • frisco

    I'm using the SmartSheet from Safari. I suspect he is as well, but I'll find out from him when he's back online. Thanks for that clue! 👍