Need solution to "The columnid xxxxxxx is invalid" when using Zapier New Row Update

Hi Community,

I'm looking for a solution to a problem that's occurring when using Zapier to update cells in one smartsheet from cells in another smartsheet.

When using the Zapier New Row Update action on a Smartsheet, it's throwing an error: "The app returned "The columnId xxxxxxxx is invalid". This is occurring when trying to update one cell in each of two different rows in a destination smartsheet where we have just completed a Copy Row action from a source smartsheet using Zapier. Additionally, Zapier also reports while stepping through the errored action, that there are unused columns in the Zap and once removed, the update will complete and is repeatable on the same sheet. However, it fails the next time an update is attempted on a new destination smartsheet. If you've had this problem before and resolved it, I'd be interested in what you did to fix it.


  • Genevieve P.
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    edited 09/05/22

    Hi @Michael Williams

    Is it possible that column "xxx" is a column type that is unable to be updated? (Such as a System Column or a column with a Column Formula applied.)

    It's difficult to identify why this error is occurring without knowing more about the Zap and how your underlying sheets are set up. If you could outline what it is you're trying to achieve with the Zap and show screen captures of the error messages and your sheet set up (but block out sensitive data) that would be very helpful!