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Grant Management


Does anybody have a grant management template to share? 



  • Kara Lumley

    Hi Michelle,

    Are you looking for a more budget-type template, (i.e. Foundation X expected contribution, Foundation Y expected contribution; against budgeted expenses); or something tracking spending specific to a certain grant (i.e. $X spend on mailings, $Y spent on special events)? Or is it for a foundation to track your outgoing grants?

  • Prospect tracking that would (most importantly) include loi, application, and reporting deadlines. With this in mind, we would also want to have some of the pre-work noted as well such as notify finance manager for financial reports, check wtih partner agencies/collaborators, etc. also assigning work to people with reminders would be helpful. with some dependencies. 


    Perhaps it looks like:

    Funder Name - Basket Weaving Training

         determine specific ask   X date  Yperson

         LOI due                            X date  Yperson

         Financial Mng notifies    X date  Yperson  45 days prior to deadline

         Draft 1 due                       X date  Yperson

         Application Due              X date  Yperson


    I'd like to track many/all in the same sheet for this client.


    It would be nice that it also had notes, history (how much did they give the last few years, if any), first point of contact, amount of request, primary contact, 


    We are currently handling it in an excel spreadsheet and not very well. 

  • Kara Lumley

    Thanks Michelle! Very helpful, we'll see what we can come up wtih.

  • Fa'iz Rab
    Fa'iz Rab
    edited 10/23/15

    This is a great idea. I can see our grants department using this after grants have been awarded as well to notify people who have different responsibilities on a grant e.g. press releases, reporting deadlines, etc.



  • Scott Benbow

    Hi Kara Lumley,

    If you or your colleagues at Smartsheet created something addressing Michelle's request, could you share it with me?



  • Erik Mayo1
    edited 05/09/16

    Very interested in this initiative.  Has there been any luck?  I'm considering Smartsheet Sights as a nice little "bow-tied" package for grant sponsor with financial data, reports, BCA, etc.

  • W Bellows

    I have been trying to work on a sheet that makes post award tracking, reporting and compliance more efficient. I'm thinking that smartsheet is not the best tool for such a beast since we have hundreds of grants that I would need to be tracking all in one place.

  • TIPc4

    I've placed this request with a rep and have yet to get any assistance. This initiative would really help finalize our decision to invest in the team plan and serve as a launching point for our efforts. Please share...thank you.

  • Christina1

    I am very interested in a template like this, if and when it becomes available. 

  • nhernandez
    edited 11/03/16

    I'm also interested in this, have there been any updates?

  • Michele Porter
    edited 02/21/17

    any progress on this type of a template or does any one in the community have a template that they have created to share? 


  • timonroe

    Has anyone made any progress on this template?



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