How to create similar view in Smartsheet?

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Is it possible to create the similar view like on presented screenshot from excel?

I need calendar on the top with years, quarters and weeks and below I need to have possibility enter the numbers (only) for each week. Besides that I need to also add rows with text only (test name) like in gantt view. I was able to combine it in excel but how I can convert it to Smartsheet? It doesn't have to be identical but I appreciate some ideas? If this is not possible I would appreciate any idea how to add just numbers of tests assigned to particular weeks.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @EvaL

    The closest configuration I can think of would be to use a Gantt view in Smartsheet.

    Each different number would need to be its own row, so you won't have one long line broken into multiple sections. Instead, you'll have a staggered view as it flows down the sheet and across your Gantt chart:



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  • EvaL

    Yes, I did it first the way you suggested but our worksheet become too long and it is missing a purpose. I see that others requested the enhancement for the same but its pending 4 years already...