Last Modified By


I'd like to find a way to display the Last Modified User and Last Modified Date for a specific cell reference.

This data is captured because it shows up in the activity logs, but how would I show it? Not for the entire row...but for a specific cell in that row?

The use-case here is a question / answer sheet where we can log talking points before we go into a meeting, in order to help guide the conversation the right way, and ensure people come prepared, so we'd have a row that said QUESTION: "What's for Lunch? | CREATED BY: "Me" | ANSWER: "Poison!" | ANSWERED BY: "Mom"

The expectation is that the division heads answering the questions would do so within a specific period of time so we wouldn't want to change something else within the row and overwrite the last modified by and time we had captured when they answered.

Anyone have any ideas?!


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