Auto fill column with value from first cell in another column


I have an application where I use a header row to collect higher level project information, like overall project status, project start and end dates (as opposed to task start and end dates), etc.

I copy rows from individual project plans to an "all projects" sheet from which we do some PowerBI reporting.

I need a column that has the project status in it so we can filter certain projects (on hold, complete) from our reporting. That status is set in the first cell of the Status column via a drop-down list.

I would like that entire column (or it could be another column) to auto-populate based on what is picked in that first cell. For example, if they change from On Hold to In-Progress I need the full column to change to In Progress.

I've tried creating a new column and using an =Status$1 formula, but I get an error when I try to make that a column formula.

Any ideas are appreciated!


Andrea Zenner

Program Manager | Infrastructure & Operations

Apogee Enterprises

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