If statement that takes a column value and if meets a criteria, subtracts a number


I have been trying for several days and could use some help. In the image example here, I need to set 'Final Quote' to be one of the following:

A) If [Apply TCC] is checked, then take [Quote before TCC] value, subtract 200 from it, and put that answer in the [Final Quote]

B) If Apply TCC is not checked, I just need the same value in Quote before TCC in Final Quote wiht no changes

Closest I have gotten is a version of this:

=IF(([Apply TCC]@row=1,"[Quote before TCC]"-200),[Apply TCC]@row=0,"[Quote before TCC]")

If I keep the quotes, it is unparseable, if I remove them, then it throws an error for Scenario A and puts the exact name of the column Quote before TCC in Final Quote.

Please any help would be awesome!


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