Countifs - Referencing another sheet with multiple criteria

AGK ✭✭
edited 09/09/22 in Formulas and Functions

Hi! On my metrics sheet I am trying to count if Status (different spreadsheet) is "requested received" and the request type = 1) Surveys - Custom Cut, 2) Surveys - New Custom Survey or 3) Surveys - Analysis/Investigation. I keep getting....any idea what I am missing?

Thanks in advance!


  • Vojtech Gajdos

    Hi @AGK, it would be better if you include some more details, such as formula you are trying to fix and aleso mentioned what do you keep getting (error? what error?...) Anyway, from as little information as you mentioned the formula should look something like:

    =COUNTIFS({Status}, "requested received", {Request Type}, OR(@cell = 1, @cell =2, @cell = 3))

    '@cell = 1, @cell =2, @cell = 3' could possible also be '@cell >= 1, @cell <= 3'

    Hope it makes sense?



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