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Hi - Looking to total $ values in col. E. However, if a date is entered into col. D the value should be excluded from total.

Any ideas & thanks in advance!


  • Vojtech Gajdos

    Hi @Eve_Cherry

    With as little info as you mentioned in your question - the following might be the answer:

    =SUMIFS([ColE]:[ColE], [ColD]:[ColD], @cell <> "")

    (Assuming ColD is a Date column so it either contains some date or is blank - which the above formula is checking)

    Hope this helps


  • Eve_Cherry
    Eve_Cherry ✭✭
    edited 09/10/22

    Hello @Vojtech Gajdos & thanks for your response.

    Your assumption is correct -- Col D is a date column

    The formula should not consider blanks because blanks are expected/acceptable. It should only check for dates in Col D.

    As such, how should the formula be revised?

  • Vojtech Gajdos

    Hi Eve, so - the value in ColE should be included when the date IS blank? In which case the formula should simply change to:

    =SUMIFS([ColE]:[ColE], [ColD]:[ColD], @cell = "")

    Not sure though if I fully understand what you are trying to achieve 😀 (in your original post you mentioned that "if a date is entered into col. D the value should be excluded from total" but from your recent one it seems like the value should be included when there is a date entered. Anyway, use one or the other version of the formula.



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