COUNTIF showing "0" when referencing a column where cells have formula


Please help! First I have one sheet (Pre-Service) with several columns, three of them used here, the first two are dates, and the third is a calculation to determine the number of weeks between the two dates. I used (=(([Anticipated Graduation date]@row) - ([Pre-Service Class Start Date]@row)) / 7).

So far so good. When using a calculation sheet, to group the number of weeks for the entire column (to create a chart), with the calculation: =COUNTIF({Pre-Service Range 4}, "7") the result is "0". I have also tried =COUNTIF({Pre-Service Range 4}, "=7"), =COUNTIF({Pre-Service Range 4}, 7) and they all return "0".

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  • JoeN
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    Finally figured it out. Count if won't work if there are decimals places unless using round. The formula above will look like: = Round(([Anticipated Graduation date]@row) - ([Pre-Service Class Start Date]@row)) / 7)

    I really appreciate your time looking at this!!


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