Evaluate if a Date column is blank


I have three columns with the below formula in the "Helper - Overdue" column. This works correctly for when there is a date in the "Deadline" column and the "Item Completed" box is not checked. It also works correctly for when the box is checked. The part that is not working is when the date column is blank, it shows as "Overdue." I don't want it to do this. I just want it to be blank. Or it could be "Not Overdue" since it technically is not overdue. I only want it to show "Overdue" when the date is in the past and the box is not checked.

I tried using the Not(IsBlank( combo, but couldn't get it to work correctly.

=IF(AND([Item Completed]@row = 0, Deadline@row < TODAY()), "Overdue", "Not Overdue")

All help is greatly appreciated.



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