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Hello! My name is Luci, I am a BSA in Law and Corporate Affairs at Starbucks. I have worked for Starbucks in various roles for 15 years (16 this October :)).

I started using Smartsheet about 2 years ago. I used Smartsheet to build a Portfolio for my leadership team that I continue to improve and maintain. My team also utilizes Smartsheet as a case tracking/management tool that I also admin and provide metrics from. 

My favorite stuff to do in Smartsheet is writing functions and building dashboards with visual data.


  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee Admin

    Hi, @Luci P, happy to have you as part of the Community 😄

    Love hearing that you built an amazing Portfolio for your leadership using Smartsheet, and hope that you've been discovering many more features that can have a positive impact on your work!