See if a date is with a defined date range


I'm trying to create a formula to see if a date with in a date column is within a defined range. It's partly working but the outcome seems to ignore years (returning a result if days/months match) and it dislikes December all together returning nothing.

The formula is - =IF(AND($[Column18]@row >= [Sep 2023]$2, $[Column18]@row < [Oct 2023]$2), "1", "")

Screenshots attached for reference.

Any help would be appraised, thanks


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    I hope I'm on the right track since the above example is confusing.

    If column 18 is a list of dates and the rest of the columns are a specific Month and year, and the goal is to identify which month and year the date in column 18 falls into, then this might help:

    =IF(AND(Column18@row Date(2022, ,9,1), Column18@row<= Date(2022,9,30)), "1", "")

    Convert to column formula.

    Copy the formula to the other columns and update the date range desired for each month and year.

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