How can you use the check-list function to build a master smartsheet?

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could help me out/let me know if this function is possible. I am trying to create a comprehensive template of all activities in a project, with the idea that members could check a box to include that activity in their specific project. Is there a way to automate it such that when you check a box, the whole row links to a new smartsheet and displays a projected Gantt chart timeline for the selected activities? Thank you!



  • Consider using a custom workflow to copy the rows with checkboxes to a new sheet.

    Something like this:

    Manually create a template for a project by copying the current master sheet and then delete the contents on this template. Save the template file.


    Copy/paste the template sheet as a [New Project Name] (thus making a working copy of the template)

    Open the master sheet with the list of tasks and the checkboxes.

    Add a 'trigger column' that can be used to run a workflow when contents of that column are set to 'run'.

    Build a workflow that copies the checked rows to the [New Project Name] sheet when the trigger column is activated.

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