Impossible to visualize groupings more than 2500 rows...


Im searching over the internet a variety of things (data) from a variety of types (countries, format, source, etc) and some of them are validated (true) and some dont (false) and inserting this information in a Smart Sheet page.

On the other hand, I have this REPORT, reading from that sheet i have just mentioned, and i group by countries. I have now more than 2500 rows and it seems now i cant visualize my report!!!

What can i do?

Thanks for your help!




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    Hi @Alberto CONCEJAL LÓPEZ

    There should be a pagination on the bottom of the report that allows you to see the next page of your report after 2500 rows in your report.

    Another work around is instead of grouping your report by country on a single report to create a single country report, then save as new, for each additional country setting the filter for country.

    Hope this helps and have a great day



  • Hi! Thanks for the answer!

    im afraid i dont see this is happening, i send you an image of what i have,

    As you can see, the moment i go to 2500 the report actually disappeared, showing only the grouping and this flag message.

    Thanks again!


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