Trying input values into one out of four cells based on another cell

Below is my formula, which produces the number entered in the [Annual local / Monthly Cost / Cost] column. The problem is, I have the same formula across four columns and only want it to populate in one of the four columns. The formula is based off of number of days in a quarter, which is calculated in column [Q2 - days] (if a start date of services is past the Quarter end date then the number of days in that quarter is 0), so if [Q1 - Days] is 0, the value in the respective Q1 cell is 0 but all the others (Q2 - Q4) are populated with the value in the [Annual Local / Monthly Cost / Cost] column. So, in essence, I need the value to only populate if the start date is within the Quarter.

IF(OR([Spend Bucket]6 = "Discretionary / Other", [Spend Bucket]6 = "WPR / IT"), IF([Q2 - days]6 = 0, 0, [Annual Local / Monthly Cost / Cost]6))

Seeking any advice here please!


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