Comparing two columns


Hi Everyone,

I have created two drop down columns. So for example purposes: lets say column A contains 5 grocery items (bread, milk, butter, potatoes, chicken) and those are my mandatory items. Drop down with multiple entries

Columb b has the same 5 things - but when we take stock we only have 4 grocery items (milk, butter, potatoes, chicken) Drop down with multiple entries

how do I formulate Column c to report my missing item (bread)

I figured:

=INDEX([Certificates Obtained]@row, MATCH([Certificates Required]@row), 0))



  • alindberg

    =INDEX([Certificates Required]@row, MATCH([Certificates Obtained]@row, 0)) I just changed my columns around and now I get #NOMATCH, however I would like it to return what is missing from the index. I dont know if it is possible

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