Trying to average values from one column based on conditions of two other columns.

Where I have Columns "Employee Name", "Score Week", and "Week Score" I want to average the "Week Score" for the "Employee Name" where "Week Score" is a value of "1", "2", "3", or "4".

I started here:

=AVG(COLLECT([Week Score]:[Week Score], [Employee Name]:[Employee Name], [Employee Name]@row, [Score Week]:[Score Week], OR([Score Week]@row = "1", [Score Week]@row = "2", [Score Week]@row = "3", [Score Week]@row = "4")))

It is returning a value sometimes but doesn't seem to be correct. For example, Where there is three entries for the same employee listed as weeks 1, 3, and 4 with score values of 2.57, 2.57, and 2.3, its returning a value of 2.57 as it if its not averaging and instead just grabbing the first value it finds in that row that meets the criteria. Thanks in advance!


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