Health Check Using Nested IF with Various Criteria

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I am trying to created a nested IF formula and stuck. A column was created for each color to help with validation. Originally, YELLOW was set at IF([Time Left]@row >= 3), but then both YELLOW and GRAY would highlight. Note: That any value would return a yellow ball that is greater than 3, even N/A. When the value is 2 or less, the cell is blank.

Now, have updated yellow to include a range, but an error is returning with the exception of cells with values less than 3.

Below are the values that will need to be built into a single formula for a health check column.

RED: =IF([Time Left]@row = "Past Due", "Red")

YELLOW: =IF([Time Left]@row >= 3, IF(AND([Time Left]@row <= 6, "Yellow"))) - Triggering #Incorrect Argument Set

GREEN: =IF([Time Left]@row <= 3, "Green")

GRAY: =IF([Project Status]@row = "Complete", "Gray")

Appreciate your help! Muchas gracias in advance.

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