IF(Condition Check, Light) Question

Henry Wu
Henry Wu
edited 10/04/22 in Formulas and Functions

I am somewhat a new user to SmartSheet and here is the formula that is confusing me for a while:

=IF([Planned % Completion]@row - [Actual/Outlook % Completion]@row > 0.2, "Red", IF(AND([Planned % Completion]@row - [Actual/Outlook % Completion]@row >= 0.1, [Planned % Completion]@row - [Actual/Outlook % Completion]@row <= 0.2), "Yellow", "Green"))

When "[Planned % Completion]@row - [Actual/Outlook % Completion]@row" is between 10% and 20%, it still showed up green instead of yellow.

Makes me wonder what keeps me up at night...


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