Advice on creating a sheet to track open, ongoing and closed action items from large meeting

Not sure if this is a question as much as a looking for inspiration. If you have a system for tracking action items from meetings, let me know what you have put together/found most helpful!


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    Have you explored the solution in the Solution Center? They can be excellent starting points.

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  • Hello @MirandaLang

    I recently consolidated multiple logs (Change, Risk, Action, Issue, Decision) into a single CRAID log/sheet.

    I use one sheet to capture everything and a form that allows the submitter to select the CRAID Type. Dependent on the Type selected (E.G. Action) form logic will display specific fields - different fields display on the form for a Risk vs Action vs Issue. The input form sits bookmarked on my browser bar so can be quickly accessed during a meeting to capture and submit an Action item, Issue Decision etc.

    I have multiple shared filters set up on the capture sheet to allow review of each of the CRAID Types, but when reviewing with the project team I prefer to use reports so that I can further group and sort the entries for more efficient reviews.

    Automation allows me to schedule periodic update requests (E.G. 5 days before due date) to be generated to the Assigned owner of the Action. All Actions, of course, should have both an Assigned owner and an agreed upon due date - best practice. Their response via the form in the email request automatically updates the log, and notification automation alerts me to those updates.

    Hope this helps. Happy to demo if necessary.


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